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Our recipes have been in the family for 40 years and we launched on a quest to bring our favorite recipes without the junk, straight to your door. We eventually figured out a way to include all of the good stuff you want—like protein and healthy fats—without any of the bad stuff you don’t.

Fraiche Bakery bread is completely different than your local bakery and grocery store bread. In fact, it’s nutritionally more similar to a high-end protein meal than it is to most breads.

And at $0.93 per slice, it’s far cheaper than other healthy breakfast options -- or even your afternoon and late night sandwich!

If you're not completely in love with your bread, we'll refund your first pack in full.

Since our breads are shipped fresh, molding has never been an issue for us. In order for the bread to mold it would need to be under really harsh conditions for 2-3 weeks. In that case, our "100% Happiness Guarantee" would get a new order out to you asap!

Yes. Fraiche Bakery does offer a "High Protein Bread" that is a perfect option for anyone on a ketogenic or low carb diet. Each serving has just 10g of carbs, and only 28g of Protein per sandwich from a blend of seeds and high protein sources.

In fact, one of the reasons we created this in the first place is that we couldn’t find a healthy bread to fit into our low carb and high protein lifestyles.

Absolutely! Our Spelt & Honey Bread is a parents go-to for wheat and nutritious packed bread that also tastes a little sweet and nutty. Kids say it tastes like their favorite “unhealthy” cereal or toast and they’ll love eating this instead of other “healthy” breads.

We aren't able to send out any samples at the moment! But we totally get it, so we do offer a 100% happiness guarantee in case you don’t love it. So give it a shot, and let us know what you think!

Individual ingredients for each flavor of Artisan Bread can be found in the images section at the top of this page (inside the label images).

Yes, Fraiche Bakery Bread is freshly baked once a week then frozen. While being delivered, the bread thaws out while remaining fresh for you to enjoy when it arrives! You can keep it thawed and consume the bread within a week. Or put it in your freezer to extend the shelf life to up to 6 months.